Our Services

Who We Support

Whoever the customer, our aim is always the same - to help them live more independent and fulfilling lives. These customers include, but are not limited to:

  • Older people – we have a strong track record of delivering outcome based care and support for older people and can provide dementia and palliative care
  • People with learning disabilities - our teams can help people with learning disabilities acquire the skills they need to live a more independent and fulfilling life reaching their goals with an aim to reduce support required over time.
  • People with physical disabilities – our care and support teams use creative approaches to help customers physical disabilities overcome the challenges they may face with daily tasks
  • People with mental health issues – our teams can provide treatment, care and support for people living with a range of challenging, complex or long term mental health conditions
  • People with an acquired brain injury - we help people who have suffered a brain injury as they work along the pathway to rehabilitation
If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact us or call us direct on 01594 368160

Outcome Based Support

We are committed to providing support which is both person centred and outcomes based. This means we take the time to get to know the capabilities, aspirations and challenges of each of our customers and help them work toward realistic and achievable goals.

Our domiciliary support team encourage people to stay fit and active and do as many daily tasks for themselves as they are capable of doing. We often use creative methods to find new approaches and overcome obstacles when one of our customers is having difficulty. This helps each individual maintain their confidence and independence for as long as possible.

Information For Professionals

We work to give individuals the opportunity to live a full and independent life and understand the importance of having the opportunity to live independently in the familiar surrounds of their own home can have an enormous impact on the confidence and wellbeing of the people we support. Our domiciliary support team can provide a range of care and support packages to help customers stay at home for as long as they choose to be there.

Our domiciliary support services include:

  • Support around the home: Dusting and vacuuming; cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, changing bed linen and towels, laundry and ironing, shopping for weekly groceries, help with meal preparation and assistance managing bill payments
  • Personal care: Dressing and undressing, washing and bathing, shaving, assistance with hair and makeup, continence care and support with prescribed medication
  • Companionship: Conversation, encouraging contact with family and friends, help with reading and keeping up correspondence, accompanying on holidays, day trips or short breaks
  • Home from hospital: Escort home from hospital, preparation of the home environment and rehabilitation support
  • Fulfilling lives: Encouraging and supporting hobbies and interests at home or in the local community, encouraging exercise such as walking or a dance class, arranging and accompanying people on social occasions or prayer meetings, accompanying people on visits to special places and local attractions, accompanying to day centres or other community day activities, accompanying people on doctor’s appointments, and keeping and managing a diary.

Funding Your Support

Funding your support is always a concern, but the good news is that support at home is often not as expensive as many people imagine. You may also qualify for some government assistance. Whatever your situation, we know that understanding your needs is fundamental to developing a package that is right for you, At GL1 Support Services there are no hidden costs, and because each person’s requirements are different we provide a full breakdown of expected costings for a week’s support following the free, no obligation assessment. Your monthly invoice will show a full breakdown of support that has been provided too, so you know exactly what you are paying for. If you would like an indication of our prices before this, please call 01594 368160 to talk to one of our dedicated Team Members.

Identify Your Needs

The first thing to think about is what kind of support you need. While a need for help with meals or personal care activities such as washing, bathing and dressing can often be obvious, sometimes things like companionship and assistance in pursuing hobbies and interests can be just as important for wellbeing and quality of life. It might be useful to write a list of both absolute necessities and a list activities you would like to pursue to help get a feel for how much support you might actually need. Whatever support needs you identify, quality of delivery should always be key. It is important to check that support plans are developed to meet your individual needs and that you are matched with a support worker who is professional, compassionate and a good match for you socially and culturally. GL1 Support will be able to explain the processes and training they have in place to ensure your wellbeing, safety and security.

Getting Support At Home

We know that finding home support for you or your loved ones can often be a daunting task. This decision often comes at a challenging time and without the experience of having purchased home support before, it can be difficult to know what to look for. There are a few key considerations that can make your decision process a little bit easier.